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What services does a Realtor provide?


Consider the following facts when deciding on the feasibility of using a Realtor in the sale of your home.


       Objectivity - You, the homeowner, are emotionally involved in your home. The financial outcome of an upcoming sale is crucial to your security and peace of mind. The decor, furnishing, and care given to your home are all an intimate extension of your own personality. The Realtor can view your home with the experienced eye of a marketing professional. Without your emotional feelings about the home, he or she can weigh its pluses and minuses more objectively. A Realtor can also serve as a valuable negotiator who can communicate effectively with both the buyer and seller.


     Pricing - The proper pricing of your home is essential to maximizing your proceeds from the sale. It should be as high as the market will allow, yet not out of touch with reality. It should be reasonable enough to encourage buyers to see your home, yet high enough to leave some room for negotiation. Realtors know how to price your home because they know the marketplace in terms of today's values.


     Experience - The art of showing, negotiating, and selling a home is learned over a period of time. Selling a home, as in every other aspect of life, is best accomplished by those who do it often.


     Market Exposure - Mort realtors belong to multiple listing organizations. These groups use computer systems to keep member companies informed of all homes coming into and leaving the market every day. Much like the stock exchange ticker, this computer provides up-to-date information on current listings and also past sales. When your home is listed with one of these companies, the information is broadcast over telephone lines to all cooperating firms. Newspaper advertising and national referral groups also provide the Realtor with additional promotional tools.


     Financial Knowledge - Most buyers need financing help to buy your home. Many form of financing are available today. The great variety of mortgages can be confusing to an inexperienced  buyer. The Realtor can give needed advice to both the seller and the buyer regarding the most appropriate financing method to use in each situation.



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